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Explore 12,000 years of history

Booking is now open for July 2024

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About Hidden Rivers

Toronto is not what it first appears. Look below the surface, and you will see buried waterways, ancient cliffs, the world's largest ravine system, and centuries of waterfront transformations. Hidden Rivers Tours is the only tour company in the city dedicated to sharing this history. We operate in the summers (May - August).

Photo Credit: Tristan Viney

Meet Your Guide

My name is Matthew Jordan and I am a historian of science and technology. Over the past few years, my view of Toronto has flipped upside down: from stadiums and skyscrapers to rivers and ravines. I created Hidden Rivers Tours to share my enthusiasm about Toronto with locals and tourists alike.​

Life becomes more meaningful when you understand the unique history of the place you live. It’s an amazing thing to be rooted in geology & ecology. You gotta explore your city!


Private Tours

In addition to our public tours, Hidden Rivers offers private tours for your company, organization, class, or family. If you book a private tour, we will work together to build a custom route based on your interests, location, your group size. Private tours are typically 1-3 hours long and can begin & end at a location of your choice (e.g. office, school, AirBnB).

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